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Obtaining Growth Rates using a Standard Spectrophotometer:

This tutorial describes how to obtain growth curves for growth rate analysis with the YODA software using a standard spectrophotometer /incubator / shaker combo.

  1. Prepare a spectrophotometer plate with fresh media and inoculate cells into the plate (For a specific protocol for how we prepare a Bioscreen C plate with aging yeast cultures, see “Walkthrough”). Reserve a media only well to obtain the OD background due to media.
  2. 2.Measure the optical density (OD) for each well on the plate and record the OD values for each well and the time the reading was taken.
  3. Incubate your spectrophotometer plate, while shaking, at the desired temperature until the next measurement interval.
  4. Repeat step 2 until a complete growth curve for each well can be obtained.

The next step is to compile the data into the format required by the YODA software. For this, you need to create a comma-delimited data file (columns are separated by a comma, each row separated by a newline):

  • The first row must contain a header, which can be used to identify wells (however, well names are assigned by YODA using a separate descriptor file).
  • The first column contains the times that the spectrophotometer measurements were made in format “HH:MM:SS” (HH=hour, MM=minute, SS=seconds).
  • Each of the following columns contain OD measurements for each strain at the various time points.

See spec_readings.csv for an example.

Now that you have the spectrophotometer readings in the same format that the Bioscreen C uses, you can continue uploading your data into YODA for analysis (see “Upload Help”).